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Friday, June 19, 2015

Utah Trip : 06.06.15

    It was so awesome to take a whole week off and visit my parents in Utah. Although they worked the days we were there, it was still nice to spend the evenings with them. It was nice not to have to cook or clean (too much) and just spend time together. I'm so glad we decided to fly instead of drive. Driving there takes about 12 hours (more, if you have kids, especially little once who need to be nursed often). I was a little nervous about flying with 2 kids under the age of 2, but they surprised me with how well they did. Both were so good!
    The weather there was so lovely. While Fresno had 106F days, we cooled off in the 80's weather. The evenings were the best with the cool breezes. I'm so thankful my kids did well with the time change, and schedule changes. It didn't seem to bother them at all. In fact, there were 2 or 3 nights where Noelani slept all through the night. I got excited and thought it would continue, but then she went back to nursing at night again haha.

"We're going on a plane?!"

Our first family selfie on a plane. Both kids did so great! no complaints.

We flew into Utah past Gabriel's bedtime. 

Visiting a park that's close by my parents' house.

The Sunday there, we visited a small church. Everyone was so friendly, we ended up staying about an hour after church just talking to people who attend the church.
Using the good (not so) old Ring Sling. I'm in love with this thing. It's so comfortable and convenient and easy to use.  Why didn't I know about it when Gabriel was a newborn?!

Just relaxing with chubby cheeks on Grandparents swing outside.

Time to let the kids (and adults) get their wiggles and jumping out (; I've recently really wanted to visit a trampoline place that has foam pits like this, and finally we got to do it. 

Gabriel didn't get the concept of jumping on the trampoline part haha

Just chillin' out side 

We went to the Public pool. Gabriel is a little too young for it, but it was still nice to cool off a bit. 

Crazy hair after the pool. 

One of the days, we decided to go up to Ensign Peak(aka The Kissing Point/The View), where David proposed to me 3 years prior. It was a difficult hike 3 years ago (or maybe I was just REALLY out of shape back then), and with 2 kids and a stroller, it was even harder this time around. This time we didn't take the "short" (harder) cut though, and just stuck to the trail. 

In the end, it was worth it. The view of Salt Lake City was stunning! 

Enjoying a nice picnic. The only downside was all the wind. 

This boy loves his cheese. 

We decided to recreate our "we're engaged!!!" photo hehe

Co-sleeping wasn't the funnest, so after the first night, Gabriel slept in the pack-N-play during the night. He didn't have as much room to spread out in there, but it didn't seem to bother him.

Relaxing evenings outside just the 2 of us after putting the kids down for the night. 

This cutie did so well on the plane! she slept majority of the way there and back, and the time she was awake, she was so calm.  Thank you Lord for a safe and stress-free flight and a relaxing vacation spent with family (=

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