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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

4th Baby Gender Reveal

     So we originally planned not to find out the gender of this baby until he or she was born. It was fun waiting to find out when I was pregnant with Zeke, who is our 3rd. But someone got antsy & talked me into finding out before the baby arrived (=
     Although a lot of things didn't go as planned on that day, & I don't have a lot of photos to share, it was still very special. Especially since we were both expecting it to be a boy, but found out I was carrying a girl.
     So here are a few snippets of that morning (=

This was actually a few days before, when I went in to get a quick ultrasound done. 

So funny story, that little cloud of red dust was actually supposed to be A LOT bigger, but for some reason, the bottles were defected & didn't blow up!

You can slightly see how surprised I am, & how disappointed Gabe is (=  

It's a girl!!

     We can't wait to meet our little one in September.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Baby #4 : Boy or Girl?

     I did similar "prediction" questions with all my other kids prior to finding out their gender & decided to continue the trend (=
     If you're interested in reading those posts click Here for Gabriel's, Here for Noelani's & Here for Ezekiel's questions.

     So the time has come to "predict" this baby's gender haha full disclaimer, I DO NOT actually believe these are accurate. It's just a fun way to document some of my pregnancy symptoms, & then, later on, go back & see how many of these were right & wrong.
     So here it goes...

Do you know the baby's heart rate?

<140 = boy
>140 = girl
It was at 135 last time (around 20 weeks)

Does your wedding ring swing in a circle or a line over the belly?

- Girl

Chinese gender prediction calendar


Do you have a lot of nausea?


Do you have any cravings?

Craving more savory/sour/salty foods

Did your legs get hairier during this pregnancy?


Does your husband have more brothers or sisters?

More sisters

What is the shape of your pregnant abdomen?

I would say I gained more weight in my belly than my thighs/butt

How about your feet as compared to before pregnancy?

My feet are colder than before

My food cravings:

I crave more fruit over meat/cheese

Has your nose been increasing in size?


5 for a girl & 6 for a boy. Pretty close call (=

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Moab : May 2018

David & I decided to do birthday trips instead of birthday gifts. This way we collect memories instead of things (=
I didn't want to flood everyone's facebook feed with photos from our Moab trip, but I did want to share some of the beautiful scenery we got to see (= HUGE thank you to my parents who stayed with our 3 kids while David & I got some much needed alone time. It was nice to take hikes & bike rides without worrying about naps being skipped or someone getting too tired to continue. 

Our campsite. There was Kane creek between the red rocks & where we camped

Balance Rock

Can you spot us?

Hiking up to see the Delicate Arch 

The mornings were so peaceful. I loved watching the sun rays on the red rocks as the sun peaked over the opposite hill

Can't go camping & not have s'mores
Taking a break to view the scenery during our bike ride

A Prickly Pear blooming

Dead Horse Point

Touring the sand dunes on a Rock Crawler