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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Shiloh is 1 Month

October 2018

1 Month Old

About 10.5lbs

Some moments from her first month outside the womb

She was 7lb 12oz at birth

Daddy talking to calm her down during the newborn exam

First diaper 

Meeting Grandma

We are both so tired! 

The first photo of the 3 of us

Trying out the Ring Sling

Oh the faces haha this was during a big yawn

A semi-smile 

Zeke loves her. He calls her 'my baby Shiloh'

First cloth diaper. She wasn't a fan hehe

Trying to get a decent photo was very difficult haha

Special delivery by my daddy

That lip 

This photo is blurry, but it's too good. Zeke looks upset over losing his title of the 'baby of the family' 

Guess who's the most excited? 

Another blurry one, but its too cute. I really wish this one turned out more in focus, but such is life

The Tsytsyn Tribe

They're crazy

But they're my crazy bunch 

That dimple

I got SO many snuggles during this first month. Love the newborn stage, even though it's difficult.  

There's that dimple again

First bath. 

Little helpers (=

Precious little one

Poor thing had to have her tongue tie revised. 
One of the few photos of her in a bow. They are so cute, but so uncomfortable & keep sliding into her eyes or off her head

Trying to get a 'Pinterest' worthy photo is a lot harder than it seems

We've had a few bumps along the way in this first month as a family of 6. 
I forgot how fussy babies can be in the beginning due to their little tummies learning to adjust to milk & new bacteria. Thankfully Shiloh doesn't seem like a spitter upper (is that even a word? haha) but she does seem to have some tummy discomfort. So the majority of the day she is in my arms to help ease that discomfort. Because of this, I'm limited in what I can get checked off my daily 'to-do' list. It's hard to get out of my "go go go" mode & just let some things stay a bit longer on my 'to-do' list.

We have had SO much help with meals. So many people gifted us gift cards to food places. Our church family served us in bringing meals the first couple weeks, & we're still working through the freezer meals my friends prepared before I had Shiloh. This has been a tremendous blessing. I'm so thankful for each person who has helped us out in this new season of life. God has definitely surrounded us with so many loving & generous people, & we're very grateful. 

After Shiloh's birth, we suspected she had a slight tongue tie. We decided to wait & see how it affected nursing. Then after a couple weeks, I came to the conclusion that it was negatively affecting nursing. Although nursing itself seemed to go ok, I knew something was off with her latch. After seeing a lactation consultant & a pediatric dentist who specialized in tongue tie revisions, we came to the decision that her tongue tie had to be revised in order for me to successfully nurse past 3 months. It's now been a week since she got her tongue tie revised, & this has been the hardest week thus far. I can tell she is in discomfort & she wants to be held so much more. We're praying that once the healing period ends things will improve. Thankfully it looks like her latch is already improving.

It's so amazing to see her already reacting to someone speaking to her. She doesn't understand us or sees us clearly, but she will smile sometimes when I talk to her. She isn't the biggest fan of the pacifier but sometimes will take it if I'm persistent. She also takes the bottle. 

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