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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Berkuta Family Reunion : July 2018

     Back in the begining of July, all my brothers & sister along with their families came to Utah. My sister & brother in law were doing their wedding reception/good bye party (they got deployed to Germany shortly after) so we decided to make it a family reunion. The previous Berkuta reunion was 2 years ago, in San Diego, so we were over due for another.
     Being the person that I am, I took a bunch of photos on my DSLR. The day after everyone left, I set up my laptop & the memory card on the bed, & went to take a shower. After I came out, I couldn't find the memory chip. I searched everywhere. Behind the bed, in the vents, I even took off all the couch cushions to check there. It was no where to be found. After about 2 days of searching for it, I gave up hope. Well, it turns out that my 2 year old had taken it, and stuck it into the cd drive of my laptop. Note to self: NEVER leave important things like this within reach haha today as I went to put in a DVD for the kids to watch, I saw it partially sticking out & was able to get it out. Wohoo!!!

     So here are some random photos from that family reunion. Fair warning, majority of them are of my kids (=

The rare photo of me haha

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