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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

4th Baby Gender Reveal

     So we originally planned not to find out the gender of this baby until he or she was born. It was fun waiting to find out when I was pregnant with Zeke, who is our 3rd. But someone got antsy & talked me into finding out before the baby arrived (=
     Although a lot of things didn't go as planned on that day, & I don't have a lot of photos to share, it was still very special. Especially since we were both expecting it to be a boy, but found out I was carrying a girl.
     So here are a few snippets of that morning (=

This was actually a few days before, when I went in to get a quick ultrasound done. 

So funny story, that little cloud of red dust was actually supposed to be A LOT bigger, but for some reason, the bottles were defected & didn't blow up!

You can slightly see how surprised I am, & how disappointed Gabe is (=  

It's a girl!!

     We can't wait to meet our little one in September.

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