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Monday, June 4, 2018

Baby #4 : Boy or Girl?

     I did similar "prediction" questions with all my other kids prior to finding out their gender & decided to continue the trend (=
     If you're interested in reading those posts click Here for Gabriel's, Here for Noelani's & Here for Ezekiel's questions.

     So the time has come to "predict" this baby's gender haha full disclaimer, I DO NOT actually believe these are accurate. It's just a fun way to document some of my pregnancy symptoms, & then, later on, go back & see how many of these were right & wrong.
     So here it goes...

Do you know the baby's heart rate?

<140 = boy
>140 = girl
It was at 135 last time (around 20 weeks)

Does your wedding ring swing in a circle or a line over the belly?

- Girl

Chinese gender prediction calendar


Do you have a lot of nausea?


Do you have any cravings?

Craving more savory/sour/salty foods

Did your legs get hairier during this pregnancy?


Does your husband have more brothers or sisters?

More sisters

What is the shape of your pregnant abdomen?

I would say I gained more weight in my belly than my thighs/butt

How about your feet as compared to before pregnancy?

My feet are colder than before

My food cravings:

I crave more fruit over meat/cheese

Has your nose been increasing in size?


5 for a girl & 6 for a boy. Pretty close call (=

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