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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Trip to California

August 2016

I was very nervous about driving 12+ hours with 3 little kids (one of which was under 1 month old) but thankfully the drive there and back was very smooth. Our main reason for going to California was because one of David's brothers was getting married. Every other time that we have visited we always said there wasn't enough time to see everyone. So this time we decided to make it a week long trip and spend time visiting everyone. Plus I really wanted to go to Yosemite, since I've never been there before. 
So here are some photos of that trip (=

We drove out Friday after David got off work. Took a 4-5 hour stop during the night to get some sleep and then made it to Sacramento around 10 am the following day. 

Waiting in the cool car while the other 2 run some energy off at a playground nearby

Saturday we got to catch up with 2 of my (second) cousins. It was so nice to see these girls and spend time together. When I was younger my family always made a trip to Sacramento around thanksgiving to see all the relatives. I would almost always spend the whole trip at these girls' house playing with the hamsters, collecting stickers and writing in our diaries (= Such fun memories. Sadly I didn't get to see my other cousin Lena. 

Sunday we got to visit our former church Highview Bible. It was nice to see everyone, and see how their families were growing and expanding (=

Sunday was also David's 26th Birthday. We celebrated it at BJ's restaurant with some family. Gabriel was more excited about the candle than David haha 

Sunday evening we spent at Shkaruba's house with some friends 

Monday while the 2 little ones slept soundly, David helped out some of our friends with electrical stuff at their new home.

and in the evening we went to the lake to cool off

Gabriel wasn't a fan of the water

This girl loved the sand

Personal mini pool, because she also didn't like the lake

Cousins spending time together (=

Tuesday afternoon we visited a kids play area 

She seems to really like David's beard =D

Tuesday evening we had dinner with our former mentors. It was so nice to catch up and have dinner together like we used to 

Wednesday morning we had a family photo shoot (which I'll do a separate post on) and in the evening we had dinner with some friends. 

11 kids within 5 years between these 5 mamas

Also on Wednesday this little one turned 1month old 

Thursday we went up to Yosemite Lower Falls. 

Snack break

Making some friends

After I took the photo of David and Zeke Gabriel wanted me to take one of him also. He even posed himself (=

Friday I decided to stay home while David helped out with wedding prep. 

Saturday was the wedding day.

The Tsytsyn Family is growing

With my little girl at the wedding

What a fun-filled week! Sunday we left really early in the morning to head back home (= 

Carseat hair haha

Gabriel is always willing to help (=

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