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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Decor : 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmastime! I love this season, even though its super cold and I’m not a fan of the cold. The plus side to cold is snow and a white Christmas. I do hope it snows by Christmas this year. 
This year we didn’t decorate a lot for Christmas. With little kids it’s hard to keep things clean and tidy so we decided to keep it simple, but I still wanted to share the decor I went with. 

One of the Christmas cards we made this year. I keep one of our own family from each year that I make them.

This nutcracker ornament we got from one of the work parties we attended back in California.

I had purchased a Christmas bouquet a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't last long enough to see Christmas. This greenery was the only stem that still looked good. 
Love displaying all the cards we receive (=

So originally we cut down a branch from our backyard, but it started drying out really fast and we switched to this lovely bush instead. 

Our nativity set. Planning to make a little stable for it sometime.

I really love this statue. Thinking to keep it out year round.

Reading a book they opened from our book advent (=

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