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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Road Trip with the Kiddos

04.27   -  04.30

Some photos from our trip to Washington to see my parents (= 

I drove out at midnight to drive most of the way while the kids slept. 

Beautiful views. This particular area had a viewing point where we drove into and parked for a couple minutes to take a photo. It was SO peaceful! 

Can't come to grandma's empty handed (= 

I guess something didn't sit well with Noelani. She can exaggerate quite a bit at times (= 

Girls' day out (=

At the mall, Gabriel saw a train. Of course, we had to take a ride (=

Lesson learned, don't ask the foreign older lady to take a photo of you. This was the best shot haha 

During our stay there, Zeke mastered crawling and actually started pulling himself up to a standing position. This kid is growing like a weed! 

Can't quite get up

Got it! 

We were the weird ones, who drove past a parking lot, then circled back around because we saw some pretty trees that we wanted to take a photo by hahaha 

Trying some Vancouver Sushi 

I got to meet my youngest brothers' fiance (=

Just chillin in the front yard. The weather was beautiful! 

Add caption

It also appears that Zeke has grown very attached to me during this trip. 

That tooth gap! (=

On the way home I drove out at midnight again to get most of the road behind me while kids slept. Because once the sun was up and they woke up, Zeke would grow restless really quickly and I had to stop to give him a break pretty often. 

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