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Friday, September 1, 2017

Babushka Visiting

     Babushka Lena came to visit us this past week. She was a big help and we had so much fun! 
Here are some photos from her visit (=

Helping clear off the steps 
One evening we decided to go to hot springs. On the way there the sliding door window of our van shattered. Had to make a pit stop to clean the glass. We still aren't sure why it shattered. 

Crystal Hot Springs!!

Gabriel LOVED "swimming" in their pools. 

There was also a section with just 2 feet of water. Gabe jumped into that small pool probably a hundred times, if not more. 

Mid-week Babushka went to stay at my sister's house. Gabriel was pretty upset that she wouldn't be sleeping next to him anymore. 

Some fun kick-ball on Sunday night. 

Monday we went to City Creek center. They have a nice play area for the kiddos. 

And some fish in their creek. 

With my mama (Babushka) and sister. 

After City Creek, we went to a local pool. 

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