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Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 Christmas Decor

     I'll be honest, I really debated making this post. Let's be real, the photos didn't turn out that great (thanks to minimal natural lighting in the house) & there really isn't THAT much to share...But I know ill look back in a few years and won't regret capturing this year's memories (= 

Yes the crookedness of the star bothered me also, it has since been fixed (;

We got our very first Christmas tree on the second Christmas after being married.

Gabriel's was the very first handprint ornament we made. I used a recipe different than the other 2 and had it painted, which I now wish I didnt do. 

I've also slacked and haven't gotten "baby's first Christmas" ornaments for Noelani & Zeke. And now it's hard to find some without the current year printed on it somewhere. So if anyone knows, help a sister out. 
     These next few ornaments are a yearly tradition.  

I was very pregnant with Gabriel this year (+

& pregnant with Noelani this year 

& barely pregnant with Zeke in this year's photo. 

We still need to take one for 2017. Guys, do you know how hard it is to take a family photo with 3 toddlers?? very hard haha

I'm not sure this little thing will hold all the cards. I might need to add a few clothes pins or something. 

Our front door wreath. 

The garland was a gift from my mother. 

We have SO many "count downs" this year. ! too many haha but one of our favorites is this advant calendar. If you're looking for something Christ-centered and reusable for the following years, this is a great one! 

I'm not a fan of santa & we actually don't do "santa" in our house, but this little ornament reminds me so much of the "Russian Santa" so I keep it around

This is probably my favorite "Christmas decoration". I love the simple look of it & even keep the Mary and baby Jesus out year round. 

& a little bit of winter in our kitchen. 

I absolutely love this little corner. It's so cozy to me. I made a book countdown for my kids & most times this is where we read whatever book they opened that day.

Merry Christmas!!!

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