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Friday, May 4, 2018

Crunchy Mama Tag

     So it's been a few minutes since I last updated this blog. If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, it's worth mentioning that I'm currently pregnant, & that's why I've been MIA. To be honest, I've sort of lost a bit of my motivation to do any posts. But When I watched a fellow SAHM on youtube do this tag, I thought it would be a fun way to (hopefully) jump back into blogging.

     So this is how it goes, I get a "point" for each one that I've done. In the end we shall see just how crunchy I really am, haha!! This is all just for fun, btw (=

1- Stopped shaving legs

     Not intentionally, but I do slack off in the winter time

2- Stored coconut oil in the bathroom

     Yes. It's the best moisturizer & makeup remover

3- Put garlic oil in my ear


4- Bought vinegar by the gallon

     Yes. I use it as a cleaner & to wash fruits and veggies

5- Bought from the bulk bins

     A few times. But we mostly buy in bulk from Costco

6- Breastfed a baby

     Yes. 37 months collectively between my 3 children

7- Washed a cloth diaper


8- Used breastmilk as a remedy


9- Done family cloth

     No. I don't think I could ever do this unless I had no other option

10- Made my own cleaner


11- Used soap nuts


12- Said "We don't use paper towels"

     No, but I do try not to use them often.

13- Tried oil pulling

     Yes, But I couldn't do it.

14- Washed my hair without shampoo

     Yes, I've tried the 'No-poo' method but it didn't work for me

15- Worn orange glasses


16- Licked a salt lamp


17- Said "There's an oil for that"

     I might have, maybe to my mom or husband

18- Used herbs as remedies

     Yes. I love herbal teas for sore throats or helping stomach aches. I also make a tincture on herbs.

19- Made my own deodorant


20- Read the ingredient list of anything


21- Used a baby carrier

     Yes, I love having my newborn babies close.

22- Dug through the trash for recycling


23- Used activated charcoal

     Yes. It works great to stop throwing up.

24- Soaked grains or nuts

     No, but I want to try

25- Drank kombucha

     Yes, regularly. We brew our own

26- Had a cabinet full of mason jars

     Yes. They are the best for storing anything

27- Made my own bone broth

     No. It seems too complicated, to be honest.

So out of 27 I got 18. I might be more of a chewy mama than a crunchy one haha

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