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Sunday, September 15, 2013

1 year together! photos

September 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2013

1 year strong!!!


David and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary a week early by going to Cambria for a weekend. Here are some photos from the trip.
Enjoy! (=

On the way to Cambria we stopped by Eagle Castle. We took our wedding photos there the day after our wedding and wanted to take some pictures next to the castle.

Then headed to our camp site.

Our cute tea kettle. I picked it out (=

It was so foggy and beautiful in the morning during our walk.

The camp site was next to the ocean. Too cold to swim though /=

We ended up eating out most of the time, but had breakfast at the camp site. Coffee and bagels with jam (=

David's boss bought us tickets to tour Hearst Castle. On the way there we stopped by a pier just to take a few pictures. We also took pictures by this pier the day after our wedding. 

This is Hearst Castle. Very beautiful place. 

The view of the ocean from up top. 

The pool. It wasn't foggy up on the hill so it got pretty hot. The pool looked very inviting. 


This is an elevator inside the castle. 

The AMAZING library Hearst had. 

All his books were under locks, and when guests came and wanted to read one, he has his staff open up the books and hand you the one you wanted.

This picture is said to be the most valued possession that he owned, and he didn't even know it. 

They made sure it was really secure so no one would steal it. 

After the tour we decided to take a walk on the walk way by the beach. 

That seagull was king of the hill haha

This was so cute! There were a bunch of squirells running away from people as the people were taking their walks. David found a peanut shell and tricked one of the squirrels into thinking it was some nut. 

Our Anniversary dinner (=

And dessert. yummy
best chocolate cheesecake I've ever tasted. 

On sunday (our last day in Cambria) we decided to visit a church. This is First Baptist Church of Cambria. Very small church and very nice people. A lot of them came up to greet us and ask where were from. 

And our lunch before heading back
We got the same thing

That's how we celebrated our 1 year of marriage (= 
To a lot of married couples 1 year doesn't seem like a long time, and to be honest it flew by so fast for me, it doesn't even seem like we've been married a year. 
But with divorce rates so high and so many marriages struggling and failing these days, I'm thankful to be able to spend a weekend with my husband appreciating him and what he brings into our marriage. 

David and I have had some pretty high highs, and pretty low lows all in one year. More then others, you could say. And through it all we stuck together, and have gotten closer and closer to each other. 

I am very thankful to God that He sent me a husband who leads me, upholds me, supports me through my melt downs and loves me the way Jesus loves His church. 
I can only pray that He works in me to make me a wife deserving of such a husband.

I love you babe <3


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