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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trip to Utah

August 30th - September 3rd


   I wanted to share some photos from our trip to Utah and maybe jot down a few memories we made there (= 

 This is us by my parents' home. So many memories made here (=

   David and I drove out friday ( aug. 30th) at around 4pm. It's a 13 hour drive to Utah, which can be pretty boring, especially if you only have 2 drivers and every time one of them is behind the wheel, the other is sleeping. but we managed to get through it, although I have to admit this will probably be the last trip to Utah this year. 13 hours of driving has gotten harder since becoming pregnant. I remember i used to be able to do a 10 hour car ride with no problem when I lived in utah.

So the reason for this long car ride was a very special occasion, My younger brother got baptized on Sunday. To me, the 13 hour drive was well worth that occasion (=

Almost the whole Berkuta family. My brother and his wife and kids weren't able to make it.

My favorite brother, Alex and I. 
Growing up with 3 brothers there was never a dull moment. I didn't realize this while growing up, but I'm now so thankful I was born between boys. They always made me laugh and made my childhood interesting. 
As I got a little older (teen years) I grew closer and closer to Alex, who comes right after me. Even when he would do something and it irritated me, he knew exactly what to say or do to make me laugh. 
When i learned that he gave his life to Christ I was very happy. It was another thing we shared and could talk about.

Besides the baptism another very special reason was my little niece, Abigail.
She was born august 2nd 2013, and this trip was the first time I got to see the little cutie. 

 On Saturday ( the day before Alex's baptism ) we decided to go to a lake with my parents' jet ski. Sadly, it was too windy to swim and even to stay long. 

 Thats us at the lake (=

 I also got to see me nephew Nathen. I love this little guy. He's turning 6 in february. 6!! Crazy! When he was born I was still being homeschooled so I got to babysit him often while his mama worked. I remember when he was still a tiny baby, then when he learned to sit up, and crawl around. Time does fly (=
now he's in school. wow

So Sunday was the baptism and then my parents' church had a service. After that we all went to Olive Garden, and then later decided to go to Salt Lake City Temple Square. 
For some reason someone in our group wanted a tour of the conference center. Don't ask why haha, living in Utah we've had maybe 10+ tours of that place, and have been to Temple Square many many times. 

 This is on top of the Conference Center. They have a garden on the roof, which is pretty nice.

 And the beautiful sunset (=

Monday was Labor day so we were planning to drive home that day to make it back to fresno monday night for David to be able to get to work on time tuesday, But it turned out that He didn't have to work tuesday so we stayed another day in Utah and ended up going on a walk in a campsite. I've noticed that I have come to appreciate the beauty of nature a lot more as i grow older. 
Even though it was just a walk through an almost empty campsite, I really enjoyed it.
We got to catch up with my parents and siblings and just enjoy the nature. 
So Monday we set out on the long ride home. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Last year when David ad I visited my parents for christmas, David drove the whole way there and back because we had a stick shift car and I didn't know how to drive it. I don't know how he did it. Driving part of the time really wore me out, I would never be able to drive the whole 13+ hours. 

Overall the trip was wonderful. My family is going through a few things at the moment so i didn't get to spend any time with my friends, But the time spent with my family was much needed.


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