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Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's a...

So it all started 4 weeks ago at our last ultra sound appointment. I was 15 weeks pregnant and we thought that we could find out the gender of our baby, but our appointment was delayed and rushed through and no ultra sound /= 

The next 4 weeks were so gruesome!!! I could hardly wait. 
And then the day came. August 29th 2013. 

3pm came around (our ultrasound appointment) 
We asked the ultra sound tech to not tell us the gender but to put it on a piece of paper so our sister Darya could come up with a clever way for us to find out.

So here it goes.
The night we found out who our first born will be 

These are just some "before" shots  

And the fun begins. 
We started pouring water into the jar...


Look at how excited we both look! I actually yelled "yes!!" haha silly me. 
David looks so happy and proud!
I dont know if you know this but...wether or not a woman gets pregnant with a boy is all up to the male 
My husband did well (;

There is our little one. 
Although I've loved this child since the day I found out I was pregnant, 
I love him so so much more now. 
Praise God!! We have a son!!!

The proud daddy (= 
I love him so much!

Due in January of 2014

I did these in advance thinking I would like one over the other but I couldn't pick one so both go up (=

So thats our happy little story
I hope you guys enjoyed the anticipation and finding out who were having as much as we did.

God bless and good night


  1. Yay! Well I was wrong hehe. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!!! May God bless your beautiful family!! Boys are Awesome!!!