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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

3 years together : 09.15.15

     This is a pretty late post, but I wanted to write down a little bit about our 3 year anniversary celebration. With all the hustle and bustle of moving states and trying to find a house, and then moving into the house, I completely forgot about updating my blog. Well, here it goes (=
     3 years isn't a big deal. It's not as exciting as the very 1st anniversary, or memorable as the 5th, 10th, and so on. But it's still worth celebrating, and remembering later on. People say that the first 7 years of marriage are the hardest. 7 years! that's so long to wait! You would think that the beginning of a marriage is when the couple is the most in love, and are the most willing to compromise for the other one. Which is true to an extant.  But it also takes time to learn to live for someone else, and to put someone else's above yourself. Especially if you've never lived with this person before. If you're getting married for the first time, you most likely have high expectations of what marriage will be like. You think of it as a "happily ever after" with your sweetheart. Just like any other young unwed gal, I thought that marriage would solve a lot of my problems. Once I got married, I would feel complete, be happy and live a fullfilled life. What I didn't think about was that after marriage a lot of the responsibilities that my parents took care of fell on my shoulders. Not only did my fiance have a romantic wonderful side to him, but just like me, he had his own flaws, that I wasn't able to see due to my infatuation of him before marriage. Now I would have to learn how to live with those flaws. Noit only live with them, but love this man who had these flaws. I would have to adjust to a whole new character and personality. Growing up, I was always one who closed off when things got heated. I couldn't take that into my marriage, because communication is KEY! And it just so happened that I got married to someone who wanted to talk through things right away (= God is good, and sends us exactly what we need in our life to make us a better person. 
     After 3 years, I can tell you that we have had plenty of arguments and plenty of apologies, and plenty of mess ups. But we have also had many adjustments in both our attitudes and characters. I'm sure in the next 4 years, we will still get into arguments, and have apologies and still mess up, and God will still be good and soften our hearts, and mold us to be more like Him. More forgiving towards one another. More prone to overlook the little irritating things, but focus on the bigger things in each other that we love. So many times I think about my husband, who God miraculously placed in my life, and feel very blessed. I thank God for the man He sent to be my partner in life. Growing up, I used to pray for certain characteristics that I wanted in my future husband. I can tell you that my prayers have been answered and God exceeded my expectations. 

4 years I've known you
3 years I've called you my husband
2 beautiful children with you
and your still my 
1 & only

Anyway...(= enough of the gushy stuff haha! 

 For our 3rd anniversary we left the kiddos with my mom and did something I've always wanted to do. We got dressed up real nice, and went out to dinner to a super nice place.  Here's some details...

My sweetheart came home with 3 roses and earrings for me to wear that evening (= 

It's an american tradition to give a leather gift on the 3rd anniversary. We forgot about this until it was too close to our anniversary and I wasn't able to find a nice, useful leather gift for David, but he did find a genuine leather wallet for me (= I just forgot to take a photo of it. 

Every anniversary we take a photo like this

We had dinner at The Roof Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah
Window seating

Beautiful view!!

Since not a single person who offered to take a photo of us actually took a good photo, we opted for a selfie. Too bad I didn't have a selfie stick (; haha 

So that was how we celebrated being married for 3 years (=

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