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Friday, October 30, 2015

Noelani's 7 Month Update : 10.29.15

Weight14.8 lbs  
length: --
Clothing sizeShe has size 3m tank onsies i put under her regular clothing when its colder. 6m, some 9m and some sweaters that are 2T 
Diaper size: 3
Teeth: still none
Hair : Medium/light brown now
SittingMaybe a day or 2 after turning 6 months she mastered sitting on her own. It's so nice to have an early sitter, because she hated laying down and wanted to be upright.
walkingno, but she did attempt to walk once when David was holding her and she saw me (=
Talkinga lot! in her own way (;

Random things:  First thing that comes to mind is nursing. She is still only on BM, but I have given her things to try when she asks for it. I believe that when an infant's teeth come in, that's when they are ready for "solids". With Gabe, I introduced purees early, around 5.5 months. I remember the hassle of making him his own meal and also prepping dinner. Also the hassle of bringing something for him if we ever went out. This time I decided to take a different route. I want to hold of solids until Noelani gets some of her teeth in, with the only exception of her trying small bits when she is with us and asks for it. But I don't want to go the puree route, or at least not the conventional puree route (is there even such a thing? haha) I would like her to start off with regular food. If its something that can be mashed up (soup) then I'll mash it up a bit. If it can't be mashed, I'll let her gnaw on it. This route is called "Baby Led Weaning". To me it seems like it will save me a lot of hassle of extra food prep and it will make eating for exciting for her also. Now about nursing, Although she is BF we have had a hard time with nursing lately. I guess the biggest factor hat worries me is her weight. She hasn't gained any since last month, and she is a tiny baby. I keep thinking she needs to nurse for longer, but during the day she will nurse for 5-10 min and be done. No matter what I've tried, she still wont go any longer. At nights she will nurse for a longer period, maybe 20-25 min, so I'm at least thankful for that. Gabe was a small baby also, up until i stopped BF and switched to goat's milk. 
     My next favorite topic (not really haha) sleep training. With Gabe, we sleep trained him earlier. around 4 or 5 months. I think that caused my milk supply to go down drastically and I ended up supplementing for a time with him, so this time I held of trying to "sleep" train Noelani because I really didn't want to lose my milk supply. But the other week, after a few nights where she would nurse 1-2m every 1.5-2 hours I said enough is enough. While trying to avoid low milk supply, I trained her to calm down only with nursing. So one morning (4am) I told myself I'm going to train her to go back to sleep with just the pacifier. After about an hour and a half she stopped whining and fell back asleep. I've noticed a change in her napping and sleeping habits. Right now she tends to wake up 2 times a night to nurse, rather then every 1.5-2 hours. and during naps, if she wakes up early and i don't walk in, she will fall back asleep. 
     Those are the two biggest things that have been on my mind (= Our baby girl is growing, developing. She loves her mama very much (= She LOVES Gabriel, but doesn't like when he touches her. Must be because of the times he bit, sat and laid on her. I wouldn't want him touching me either if I was her. She loves bath time still, Loves Gabriel's sippy cups. HATES her car seat (=

With her cousin Nick, on my mom's 50th birthday party

Noelani met her aunt Lena for the first time this month

Mid-whine haha

My little photographer (=

While doing her monthly photos, Gabriel kept wanting to get into the suitcase with her. So I finally let him, this was the result 

Earlier in October when she just mastered Sitting. This was her first time going in a cart like a big girl

While we were moving into our new home, I was so busy that she ended up napping on the floor 

First time trying Borsch. She liked it 

Future Mrs Leo Benkovskiy? (;

Future chef also (=

I see this face often. Sometimes when I pass her and don't pick her up she starts fake crying because she wants me 

What a difference 6 months makes! 

One day I used a home baked cookie to motivate her to crawl. I had to give her the reward after she did somewhat crawl a little

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