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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Noelani's 9 Month Update : 12.29.15

Weight: 15 lbs  
length: about 26" long
Clothing sizeSurprisingly her Christmas dress was 0-3m. but most of her other clothing is 3-6m, some 9m, and some sweaters 2T (i like to pair them with tights underneath)
Diaper size: 3
Teeth: 2!!
Hair : Medium/light brown now
Sitting: She sits on her own very good. She is learning to go from laying to sitting and back. 
CrawlingShe has started crawling! yay!! 
walkingno, but she did attempt to walk once when David was holding her and she saw me (=
Talkinga lot! in her own way (;

Random things:  One of the reasons I didn't do an 8 month update was because we switched Noelani from BM to formula. I was so devastated by this, and it took me a long time to be come to terms with that. I had envisioned nursing her well past her 1st birthday, so stopping at 8 months was just so hard for me. I had to think about her health though. In the last 2 months (but more the last month) we noticed a difference in her growth. She started losing weight, she got constipated, and she was constantly fussy and never happy. Finally I agreed that myBM wasn't enough for her and we started supplementing with formula. Soon after she dropped the boob all together, but she became a totally different baby. She was happy, less clingy to me and even started gaining weight. Although her poop went through some crazy changes, its somewhat regular now.  She is also now on "solids". We do some puree food, but we do more of our food, just mash it up so there are no big chunks that she can choke on.
     Most of the nights she wakes up once or twice to eat. I'm trying to not feed her unless i know she is actually hungry during the night. Some nights she is more hungry and some nights all she needs when she wakes up is her paci, and she falls right back to sleep. I'm hoping she will stick to waking up only once. 
     Her naps have been awesome! She takes 2-3 hour nap in the morning and another 2 hour nap in the evening. I'm hoping this is her natural schedule right now and it will stick. I'm probably going to wait until she is 1 (or a little after) to switch her to just 1 nap. 
     She loves bath time, especially now that she can splash and is more interested in the bath toys. I usually bath both Gabe and Noelani together to save on time and water. Plus they end up having so much fun together (= 

In her pretty Christmas Dress (=

This girl loves food

The best christmas gift, They will have a baby brother or sister!!!

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