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Friday, January 29, 2016

Noelani's 10 Month update : 01.29.16

Weight: 15 lbs  
Clothing sizeShe is onto 6m and some 9m
Diaper size: 3
Teeth: 2, and I think one more is going to pop out
Hair : Medium/light brown now
Sitting: She sits on her own very good. She also knows how to lay down and sit back up on her own. 
Crawling:  Most of the time she army crawls but if its a short distance she actually gets up on her knees and hands to crawl.
walkingno, but she did attempt to walk once when David was holding her and she saw me (=
Talkinga lot! in her own way (; 

Random things:  My baby girl turned 10 months. 2 months to go and we'll be celebrating the day she was born, which seems like it was just yesterday. A lot of parents can probably relate to this, unknowingly I almost assumed my second child would be like my first. I know that babies and kids are all very different, but having had only 1 child previous to this, I only knew what I experienced with him. But it's so much fun to see how different they are. In their development and character.
Noelani is at such a fun age right now. She interacts with Gabriel and they play together well, although Gabriel is still learning to share the toys and that they aren't all his (=

     She has learned this new trick of bobbing her head to ANY music. Even if it's just me humming a tune. It's so funny and cute to see, and maybe this means she will be musically inclined ? (; And just yesterday she has picked up how to shake her head no. If she is hungry she will get upset if she sees food any no one feeding her. There have been times where she would even turn away in a despairing cry and refuse to eat until I forced the spoon of food in her mouth. This girl gets her "hangry" attitude from her mama. She also gets mad if Gabriel takes away a certain toy she is playing with, and she will vocally let everyone know she is upset.

     We are still giving her goats milk throughout the day along with oatmeal, soup, and anything we're eating for dinner. She only has 2 teeth so I can't introduce too many foods that require chewing, But I think she is getting her next tooth. 

     We have started "sleep training" her a week ago. Once she slept through the night on her own I figured I can encourage it. My approach is to give her a late dinner ( 7/7:30pm) and as much milk as she'll take right before bed time routine. That way she is full and more prone to sleep through the night. It has worked well and this past week we only had 2 nights where she woke up during the night, but after some water she fell right back to sleep. Let me tell you, I'm pretty excited for this (= This mama needs some full nights rests before baby #3 joins. 

     We have also started the long process of potty training. For now I just let her have some time on the potty after breakfast and either before or after naps and before bed. If I'm able to catch her in time I also put her on the potty when I see she is trying to go. For now that's all we'll be doing and this doesn't mean we won't have dirty diapers, but it's a start to encourage her to go during potty time (=

Trying pizza for the very first time (=

When she wakes up, she is so happy and energized. Always smiling and laughing (=

It hit 40F so we decided it was warm enough to venture out for a walk

First white winter (=

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