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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Noelani's 6 month update : 09.29.15

Weight14.8 lbs 
She reached 15.something pounds but the last few days before turning 6 months she got sick and threw up a lot. That's when she lost about a pound. 
Clothing size: very few 3m onsies, 3-6m, some 6m, some 9m and some sweaters that are 2T 
Diaper size: 3
Teeth: still none
Hair : Her hair has lightened up a lot. I would say its a medium/light brown now
Sitting: She can sit unsupported for a few short seconds, but tends to fall over (=
Talkinga lot! in her own way (;

     Our baby girl is 6 months. Half of her first year is passed. This past month she really started expressing herself. She went from a chill, mostly quiet baby, to a baby who will let you know if she is upset haha. She loves to be upright and look around. She hasn't mastered sitting on her own just yet, but she is getting really close. She attempts to crawl, but not enough to make any progress. She interacts more with Gabriel, so he enjoys talking and jumping in front of her now (= We have her on a nap schedule with 3 naps a day, and most days things workout the way we want it to. She seems to go down for a nap really easy, unless i don't put her down in time, and then its a little hard and she will fight it, even though she wants to sleep. Her nights are pretty good also. I'm trying to get her on a schedule of nursing only 2x a night, and hopefully down to once in a few months. Some nights she nurses more often, some nights she goes by schedule. 
     She has tried several foods already (in small amounts) mostly what I eat. I'm not planning to start her on solids just yet. She has no teeth yet, and I think that once she gets her teeth in (at least 2 of them) then that's a sign that her body is ready to start solids. That being said, I will let her try things if she asks for it (= don't want to kill her curiosity for food either. 
     With Gabriel, I started "potty training" at 4 months. I was planning to do the same with Noelani, but with moving, and having a toddler, I never started. I did put her on the little potty a couple times, and she ended up going #2 on there (after a while of sitting on it) so I guess I can consider that a start. It will just be a slower process then it was with Gabriel. 
     She is still a very smiley baby. She even has a shy side to her. Sometimes she will smile at someone and hide her face if they smile back. It's the cutest thing to see. 
     We love this little sunshine of ours (= 

I LOVED this shot! so sad that the suitcase was cut off on top )= or else i would use it for the monthly shot. 

This is her sleeping position most of the time.

When she was sick )=


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