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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Noelani's 5 Month Update : 08.29.15

Weight14.6 lbs ( a pound and 2 oz up from last month) 
length25" (about an inch taller)
Clothing size: few 3m, 3-6m, some 6m 
Diaper size: 2, but will be switching to 3 today (=
Teeth: still none, and what I thought was teeth coming in, was actually epsian pearls
Hair : black
Sittingpulling herself up, and she sits supported, also can somewhat sit by herself (hunched over a bit) but only for a little bit

Talkingin her own way (;

     This month has been so busy with us searching for a house. I hardly took any photos. She has gained a pound and 2 oz since last month, and grew about an inch. She LOVES to see everything around her, and really wants to sit and look around, but cant do it by herself just yet. She tried pieces of fruit, and loved it. I think she will be a good eater, just like Gabriel was, although I'll hold off on some foods for now. Last month I mentioned that she seemed to chew her hands a lot and I thought she was teething, what looked like teeth poking through, was actually epsian pearls. The one on the middle bottom gums went away, but the 2 on the sides are still there, no bigger then they used to be. This girl learned how to blow raspberries with her tongue and does it so often. She also learned how to suck her bottom lip into her mouth and smile, which is the cutest thing. It's so much fun to see her learn new things, and interact more and more. She still loves bath time. Still adores her older brother, every though he can be clumsy and hurt her sometimes. We had a little bump with nursing, but she seems to be doing good again. I didn't take much photos this month, but here are a few. 

sooo close...

I remember buying this dress/shirt before I had Noelani. its a 6m size, but it fits her!! (as a dress (;  )

Family selfies are difficult with these 2 squirmy worms

They are so selfish when it comes to sharing our bed

 After rolling over, she tends to get her hand stuck under her tummy, and strike this pose

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