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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Noelani's 1 Year update : 03.29.16

Weight: 19 lbs  
length: 28.3'
Clothing size: few 6m, mostly 9m and 12m and also 18m
Diaper size: 3
Teeth: 2
Hair : Medium brown 
Sitting: Sits on her own since she hit 6m (= 
Crawling Crawls so fast! and she even crab crawls at times. I think walking is next. 
walking: Still doesn't walk unless its with a walker or holding on to our hands. But she has been standing on her own when distracted by something haha (=
Talking: Some of her favorite words are da, ducks, votata, nana, mama, dada.  

Random: Our little girl turned 1 a couple weeks ago. I finally got around to taking some 1 year photos of her and doing a little update. Even though she is 1, she still seems like such a baby to me, but at other times she seems so advanced! She is very sensitive, which might be because she is a girl and her hormonal build is different than Gabriels. She tends to get upset when David or I tell her "no" firmly, but she is obedient when she hears "no". She gets frustrated pretty easily, and I think this is due to Gabriel constantly taking away toys that she is playing with, and she can't do much about it. During the mornings that Gabriel takes a longer time eating breakfast, she is so content playing alone.  It's pretty hard to get any decent photos of her. She doesn't sit still, and she doesn't smile easily when there is a camera haha as you will see in most of the photos to come (= She goes to bed easily and sleeps through the night (most nights). Loves bath time. Doesn't like car seats or getting strapped into the stroller. Loves our dog Sparky, and any animal. Loves any food and to self feed. She knows how to sign "milk" and knows what "kisses?" means, but its rare when she will actually give a kiss when asked. Yesterday though she did kiss me without being asked! One of my best moments as a mommy (= She is a joy to have and I'm so excited to see what God has planned for her life. We feel privileged to get to raise her and love on her (= 

She has a certain face when she gets emotional over being told "no". This is her face 

It was SO difficult to get a smile out of her! always a pout.

& then daddy helped out with making her smile (=

The frustration in her face is real haha she was getting angry that I kept putting her back on the blanket and not letting her crawl away

I'm in LOVE with her beautiful blue eyes. 

Her favorite animal.

Haha I think this was when she got a shiver. 

"Ok, I'm done here!"

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