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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Letter to my Children

     The other day, after I put both of you down for a nap, I started catching up on a few house chores. Putting things back where they need to go, wiping down the bathroom sink after this morning's tooth brushing session, and finally carrying down the laundry bag to the laundry to get it started for the day. It's laundry day. Whoopee!! 

     On the way down to our laundry room I noticed the small black hand prints on the wall by our stairs. Gabriel, you are only about 2.5 feet tall at the moment, your too short to reach the handle bar that runs along the stairs. So you just use the wall as support when going up or down the stairs. The hand prints must have been from the previous evening of fun outside (= 

     As I saw those prints, I was overcome with joy. It's very hard to describe these moments, and I truly believe they are God given feelings. Who else would feel grateful for black hand prints on their white wall?! But I felt so grateful that I got the sweet blessing of wiping down hand prints after my 2 year old. In that moment, God directed my thoughts on the more important part of home making and mothering that comes side by side with wiping down little hand prints off white walls. Along with wiping down your prints, washing your little hands and feet multiple times a day, brushing your teeth 2 or more times a day, reading the same book over and over and over until I've almost memorized it (amazing airplanes anyone? I can recite the first 5 pages by memory) and kissing you good night comes the great responsibility of being the first exposure you will get of God and Jesus Christ.  

     Through your father and I, you will see and learn and come to know about our Heavenly Father. As big of a responsibility as that is, I'm so glad that I have this honor and role in your lives. I pray that through me, you will see how amazing of a Creator we have. How wise He is in the way He orchestrated everything we know and for every single little  thing to work so well together. How caring and loving He is in the way He created you and me in His likeness, from how we look physically, to how our minds and emotions work. I pray you will undoubtedly see His awesome hand in everything you look at. And when the time comes, and the Holy Spirit stirs your hearts, I pray you will be so overcome with love for this awesome God and appreciation for the amazing gift of salvation, redemption, sanctification and ultimately eternal life with Jesus that this will be your drive and motivation for everything you do from that moment on. Whether it's traveling to foreign countries and telling others about what you've come to know, or wiping down little hand prints off your white wall as your own sweet children nap soundly in their beds.

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