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Monday, June 13, 2016

Celebrating Memorial Day 2016

     I came to America 18 years ago with my family. I don't have relatives that served in in the US army/navy, so I don't fully understand what it's like to have loved ones who have served and/or died for my freedom, but I am thankful that God put men and women on this earth to serve and even give up their lives for the freedom I and my children get to enjoy today. I truly am grateful for their sacrifice. If you have relatives who are veterans, let them know often how much their service means to you.

     We wanted to do something fun for memorial day, but with 2 little kids and being pregnant, most of our ideas weren't doable. Going to the lake was too cold for the kids, and I can't ride any boats/jet skies anyway. Hiking also wasn't an option. So we decided to do something that the kids would enjoy. Both our kids have been so interested in animals recently, so we thought going to Thanksgiving Point and seeing their little farm animals would be fun for them. Both kids enjoyed it so much.

Memorial Day 2016

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