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Friday, June 17, 2016

What's in my Home Birth Kit

     Starting out this third pregnancy I wasn't set on a home birth. I wanted to look into the option of a birthing center, but wasn't set on that either because I wasn't sure how much it would cost and if there were any birthing centers close by where we live. Within a few weeks I found a birthing center that was reasonably close to our home and was affordable for us. As the weeks progressed I kept telling the midwives that I'm planning to give birth at the birthing center, but a home birth would be my back up, since I have 2 little kids and the closest relatives are an hour away. 
     Within the last few weeks though, I really felt a tug at making this a home birth. I love the idea of going through the whole process in one location and within the comfort of my own home. I love the idea of not having that "switch" time between home and hospital/birth center. Another thing I'm looking forward to is more freedom at home regarding what I can eat, drink, which positions I can labor in, and how far I can walk away from the pool (since we are planning a water birth). I would have the same amount of freedom at the birthing center, but one small detail really drove homebirth "home" for me, and thats not having to drive somewhere after I've pushed a baby out. I'll already be home, and as soon as I deliver, I can climb into my comfy bed and bond with the baby and start the resting process, given everything goes smoothly.

     I know home birth isn't for every women. Not all women want to deal with the mess that comes with giving birth at home. Not all are comfortable to do it outside of the hospital due to the possibility of something going wrong where a medical intervention would be needed. I strongly believe that the woman who will be delivering the baby should have the final say in where she gives birth. After all, she is the one carrying the biggest load of bringing a baby into this world at this time, and she should feel at ease with where that will happen. 
     Personally, after my first 2 hospital births, I think its time for a change for me. Not to say that the first 2 times I've given birth were horrible. But they weren't exactly what I wanted. 

     So now I'm 36 weeks pregnant and at the home stretch of this journey. I have to have everything ready in case this baby decides to come earlier than his or her "due date". I'm a pretty organized person. I love lists, and to be prepared ahead of time. So this was totally up my alley (= Once I told my midwife I was leaning towards a home birth over giving birth at the birthing center she gave me a list of what is needed and provided me with 2 kits. I wanted to share what I have prepared in case anyone was curious what goes into the preparation of giving birth at home (water birth edition). 

     This is what was provided by my midwife.

Since I'm planning on a water birth at home, they provided a "pool" kit. 

Included in this pool kit:

  • Blow up pool
  • Pump
  • Pool Liner
  • 2 Shower Curtains so go under the pool
  • Hose and bibs to attach to kitchen sink 

Also provided by the midwives, some medical things they might need to use. 

  • Gloves
  • Nose Suction for the baby
  • Clips for umbilical cord
  • Gauze
  • Thermometer 
  • Lubricating Jelly
  • Emergen-C drink
  • Straws
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • Needles in case I need iv
  • Some medicine for pain management

  • Paperwork
  • Fishnet
  • Mirror
  • Heavy Menstrual pads (I also prepped some padsicles that I'll be using)
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Container for throw up I'm assuming
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Peroxide
  • Trash bags
  • Different level of absorbency liners

     The next items I bought myself to have on hand

  • 2 bowls
  • Bleach
  • Hemorrhoidal pads (aka tucks)
  • Hemorrhoid cream
  • Stool softener
  • Olive oil 
  • coconut oil
  • Ibuprofen (for after cramps, I hear they get worse with the birth of each child)
  • Lip balm
  • Eden Salve

For mama

  • Headband to hold my hair back during and after delivery
  • A soft cotton breastfeeding friendly gown and robe (the first few hours after birth I plan to have a lot of skit to skin, so this is more for the following day)
  • Cheap panties that I wont mind getting dirty with blood and throwing away
  • Breastfeeding friendly sports bra (this I plan to wear during labor so that I'm not completly naked but can also take it off really easily as soon as baby comes and wants to be nursed)
  • Tank top (just in case I don't like the sports bra)
  • loose fitted skirt. Also to wear during labor so I am not exposed but there is no restriction for midwives or baby

  • Cheap dark bedsheets. We have cream colored bedsheets right now and I don't want to get them dirty/stained since they were pretty pricy
  • 2 cheap shower curtains to put under cheap bedsheets for the first few days after birth
  • 3 towels. I bought these before my midwive told me they provide a towel service

For baby

  • 1 Cheap baby blanket i wont mind throwing away, 1 nicer swaddle blanket for after baby is more dry
  • newborn diapers. I got more then 2 lol i just thought I'd show only 2.
  • newborn hat. I had an extra one from one of the previous hospital births. These hats are so awesome! they are so stretchy and fit ANY head size. They are also so light that they wont indent the baby's head. 
  • Neutral onsie. This is for after skin to skin time is over. So more for the following day. 

Other Items I plan to have on hand 

  • Waterbottle
  • Blanket
  • Snacks
  • juices
  • soothing music
  • frozen meals ready to be heated after I give birth

If any of you lovely ladies have had home births, or know of items that could be useful that I don't have on my list, please feel free to share (= 

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