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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Noelani is 18 months old

Weight: 22 lbs  

length: 2 1/2ft tall

Clothing size: 18m, 18-24, 2T

Diaper Size: 4

Teeth: 9 

Hair : Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Talking: She is quiet the talker. She mostly says one or two word "sentences" that I can actually understand. 

She knows how to say mama, papa, please, thank you, yes, no, owie, me, pooza (belly) really well and usually uses those words the most. 

She does say other words like "eek" (Zeke), "nana" (banana) and "cado" (avocado). 

If I ask her to say a certain word, she will repeat it and most often pronounces it right (= 

She is quiet the character. She is very sensitive 
(I'm not sure if all girls are like this, or if it's just Noelani since I'm also a sensitive person by nature). 

She has such a sweet character and LOVES to give hugs and kisses 
& will randomly come up to her baby brother and kiss him, or come up and kiss me. 
She also likes cuddles and to be held. 

Her big appetite has diminished a little bit lately. 
She used to love to eat anything and would eat almost double of what her older brother ate, 
but now there are some things she won't eat, and at times she will eat very little and be done. 

She is such a light sleeper. 
She takes 1 nap a day currently, which can last anywhere from 1 hour 
(if something wakes her up) to 2.6 hours.  
Sometimes it's a struggle because when she wakes up from her nap too early, 
she is still tired yet she will not go back to sleep.

She loves to show off her belly and gets a great laugh out of people poking it. 
I don't know why she has this obsession with her belly and belly button. 

She has started "praying" during the nightly family prayer, which is mostly babbling, 
but it's still very sweet to watch. 

She loves textures, like different foods, or dirt. 
Also loves playing with water. 
Definitely very curious  about stuff like that (= 

I love having a daughter, even with how hard it can get at times (=

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