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Thursday, September 29, 2016

How We Compost

I got the idea to start composting from Pinterest (surprise surprise) when I looked into starting a garden. Our plan was to have a small garden this summer. Some tomato plants, cucumbers, maybe some leafy greens for salads, and some herbs. But with our third baby being due mid-July we figured it wasn't the best season of life to add a garden to our list of responsibilities.  But I figured I would give composting a try anyway. I felt bad just throwing away useful food that can be used to add nutrients back into soil. I'm happy to say we still compost and its honestly one of the easiest things to do, and if you have a garden (vegetable or flower) or even trees, composting can really be beneficial. 
After a short trial and error period, this is the process we have come up with...

I keep this big metal bowl under my sink. One day I hope to "upgrade" to some sort of bucket, just haven't gotten around to actually doing it. 

When my bowl gets filled we take it out to the very far corner of our yard. I want to say we do this daily, but we don't. We get so caught up with doing other things that we forget. But we do take it out either every other day or every third day. 

This is the area where we dumb the contents of the bowl and bury it with some dirt. Currently we have a pile of dirt/gras next to it that we use to cover the scraps of food. When composting you have to cover the scraps with dirt. Later on that same dirt can be used for the garden. 

Once my bowl is empty I sometimes wash it (if there is any scraps left) and add a newspaper to the bottom. I add the newspaper so that I don't have to really scrub the bowl after emptying it. 

And it goes back under our sink (=

There are SO many things we can compost instead of throw away into the garbage bin. take a look at this huge list

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