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Monday, April 3, 2017

Noelani's 2nd Birthday

     We celebrated Noelani's 2nd birthday as a family. We had lunch at one of their favorite places, Chik-fil-a, and then went to an aquarium where you can touch some of the fish, reptiles, and birds. Finally, we finished the day off with some dinner at home and a cake (= It was nice to have the day together as a family and the kids enjoyed it so much!
     Noelani, we love having you in our family and are so blessed to be your parents. You have spunk and don't let anyone push you around, yet you have the sweetest cuddles. Your curiosity is evident in the constant "why?" but it only shows us that you want to learn new things. Our prayer is for you to grow in God's grace and come to know Him as your personal savior. May you see His hand in everything around you but also in the path of your life. We love you!!

I've decided that I want to get my kids birthday balloons the day before their birthday. I think this was the best gift for her (=

I got 3 balloons, 1 for each of them. They definitely loved playing with the balloons

Birthday breakfast of pancakes 

Helping me make the icing for her cake & of course they wanted to lick the mixers 

Dad got off work earlier so we could go to have lunch at their favorite place, 'Chik-la-flay' as Gabriel calls it 

Then we went to SeaQuest 

Holding live starfish

Getting up close and personal with some birds

Noelani was worried about her bun

Now it's dad's turn to get personal wth the snake. eek!

Noelani's gift was a bed for her dolly
Time for candles and cake!

That's all folks (=

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