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Thursday, September 28, 2017

My Brother's Wedding



My mom and I got some alone one on one time (=

Wedding prep.

Visiting David's sister who now lives in Washington. One of her sons is 6 months older than Gabe and they got along so well. 

And their youngest is about 1.5 months older than Zeke 

Saying goodbye 

Wedding time!!! Noelani loved my pearl necklace so I made her one also. She loved being 'same-same'. Sadly she broke the necklace later that day )= 

My mom looked so beautiful! 

Berkuta clan. I'm hoping to update this photo with the professional one once the couple gets their wedding photos back. But for now, a blurry phone photo will have to do. 

With my handsome husband. I love you!!

If you've ever wondered how mornings go with 3 littles. and this was AFTER mom fed them and gave me a chance to get dressed in peace and quiet. 

Washington is beautiful! I loved all the trees and greenery 

Visited the space needle. I've been wanting to go here for a while already. 

As social as Gabe can be, there are times he WILL NOT smile. 

Another place I wanted to see. I didn't even know it was so close to the space needle. Sadly we came after it was closed )= 
Seattle streets. 

I loved being able to have late night tea with parents & having long talks with my mom. I miss that the most. 

The drive home

This is one of the coolest places I've visited. Not only was it "shabby" and vintage looking, they had a small area for the kids to play in! and the food was really good also.