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Monday, October 9, 2017

Our Winter Immune Booster Protocol

The Autumn Winter months are upon us. I'm not completely happy about this. Not only does this mean more inside time with my 3 littles who get bored fast, but it also means more runny noses, coughs, germs, and so on. 

This year I decided to do a "boost" for myself and my 3 kiddos. This is something we take on a daily basis (unless I forget or we are out of town)

1 - No, that isn't a bottle of whiskey haha its Homemade Elderberry syrup.
I use this recipe to make mine 

2 - Double E Immune booster. I buy my herb mix here & make one batch on vegetable glycerin for the kids and one on vodka for the adults (vodka definitely kicks in faster than Veg. Glycerin) 

3 - Local Raw honey mixed with Vitamin C. I purchase my honey locally (its always best to get local, raw unprocessed honey. Otherwise, the health benefits are little to none) and the Vitamin C I recommend is this one

4 - Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Yes, it's fish oil. Yes, its mixed with chocolate. Yes, it's very gross. But my kids seem to like the taste & I try to swallow it with a gulp of water really fast. The health benefits are worth it. This has helped me tremendously with lifting my spirits during gloomy days. I purchase mine from a local health store. I'm sure you can also find it online. 

5 - Garden of Life Vitamin Code kids vitamins. The recommended dose is 2 bears per day. I just give 1 bear for each except for Zeke. He gets only half. 

6 - A small piece of raw garlic in a teaspoon of honey. I tried using minced garlic, but it was too strong, so now I just do a small piece & the kids will most often chew it a few times before swallowing. I think it still has the same effect. 


  1. I need to try some of these.. my go to's are elderberry syrup and lemon honey that I make..

  2. Btw.. the link to your recommended vitamin c says product not found

    1. Bummer )= they must have taken the product off or something. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Btw.. the link to your recommended vitamin c says product not found