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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Family Cruise

Cruise to Cabo San Lucas


     Taking a cruise with 3 toddlers might seem like a crazy idea to some, but we love to travel & having little children hasn't stopped us (= We took a lot of photos & even some videos (I made a short video of our trip here) so here they are. Enjoy (=

We arrived in Long Beach, CA early the day we were to embark the cruise ship. 

Since we had several hours to spare, we visited the beach & a local monument place. 

The cruise ship we went on. 

The first day on the ship we had a safety meeting. Gabe wasn't too thrilled about trying on the life jackets.  
On the other hand, Noelani didn't mind (=

About to set sail 

The first morning in our Cruise ship cabin. Room service was great! kiddo's could get a small snack before getting dressed and going up for breakfast to the buffet. 

We were SO glad we got a cabin with a balcony. No other way to travel with little kids. 

Zeke, enjoying the waves from our cabin balcony

This is the back of the ship. 

They even had a children's area.

The pools were a bit too cold for the kids, but the hot tub was perfect. 

& of course, the unlimited ice cream was Gabriel's favorite. He probably ate more ice cream on the cruise than he had his entire life haha 

nap time (=

Waiting on the deck to arrive in Mexico. 

Sporting that Russian smile 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
About to go on shore

The beach was A-mazing! Even in the middle of November, the water was so warm. 

Trying to steal Noelani's snack 

After the sun hid behind the buildings it got a bit too chilly for the kids to swim. So we found a cute little restaurant to eat at. 

Don't mind me mid-chew haha! but these tacos were SO good! 

The Emerald Princess 

Leaving Cabo the next morning 
If you look closely, the Arch of Cabo San Lucas is behind us on the left side of the photo

On the ship once again. Playing some croquet in the evening. 

Beautiful sunsets

We weren't the only ones with little kids, but we definitely were among the very few. The staff was very kind & even entertained our kids at one time. 

Back in California, after disembarking the cruise, we decided to stay a few hours & relax on the beach. 

Vacationing is hard work haha!

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