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Monday, October 27, 2014

Update on Our Life

   Wow, where do I even begin? It's been a little over a year since my last post, and SO much has happened since then. We welcomed our baby back in January of 2014, and found out that we're having Tsytsyn baby #2 due to arrive April 2015!!!

   Not many of you might know this, but there are a lot of families vlogging (video blogging) their every day lives and uploading them to youtube. I follow a few of them and watch some of their vlogs. In one daily vlog a sweet mom of a 9 month old boy said that she is very glad that they have been vlogging daily. Now they can look back to any day in the past few years and re-watch the events of that day. This way they can remember a lot more then they would have been able to remember just by thinking back to that certain day. That made me remember all my childhood diaries. 

   As a young girl I kept several diaries. I loved writing down different details of my life in there. As I grew up I loved re-reading them. It would bring back so much memories. Sadly I got rid of all of my diaries and no longer have them. 

   Just the past three years of my life have held so much change. Three years ago in the fall of 2011 I met David. Nine months later we got engaged.  Two years ago, in the fall of 2012, we got married and I moved from Utah to California. Six months after that we bought our first home and shortly found out we were pregnant. Then came the change from being just a married couple to being parents. No big deal right, just another mouth to feed. Yeah aha, boy were we wrong. Now we are expecting baby #2. So much has happened, and I only have photos to remember all these events. 

   Thinking about all of this has pushed me to start up blogging again. If not to update my family and friends from Utah on how were doing, then just to capture moments from our lives that we'll be able to look back on. I so wish that I had already been blogging during these past few years. Imagine all the little minute details I would have listed about my relationship with David before we were married, or all the stress about planning a wedding that was supposed to be in a different state! Or the excitement of purchasing our first home and finding out we were becoming parents. All of those events would have been great to document, but there are still so much more in our future. 
I am no where near being a good writer, and this has always made me hesitant when it came to blogging, so have patience with me if I stumble in this journey as a blogger (=

   People's lives have always interested me. Sometimes when my husband and I are in public and we have a quiet moment of not conversing I catch myself listening in on other people's conversations and wondering what kind of lives they lead. Now I know eavesdropping probably isn't the best thing to admit to doing, but that's besides the point (= 
If you are anything like me and curious about other's lives and how they are doing, then welcome (= 
If you are one of my many friends that I left behind in Utah, then I hope you don't find this too silly haha, but rather a way that you can stay updated on whats going on in our life. Don't  be making fun of me next time you see me in Utah! (; 
If you are one of the friends that I've been blessed to have here in good old Fresno, I apologize for adding on to the already boring stories of our lives as parents haha just kidding (;  

   So welcome to the simple life of an ordinary family (=

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