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Saturday, November 15, 2014

I love you David

   Ok, I have to brag a little. If your not in the mood for that, stop reading this (=

   I guess one part of the reason why I'm writing this is because I know my husband will read it and it's a way I can let him know how much I appreciate what he does, and that I do notice it.
Another part is because I see a lot of wives complain about their husbands. I've been taught that even if there is something that bothers me about my husband, I NEVER let others know. Some might not agree with this understanding, but I feel that if I ever say anything negative about my husband to anyone, it's the same as exposing something I really don't like in myself.

   Anyways, (most likely) all of you know we have a 9 month old son and I'm 20 weeks pregnant with baby #2. So far my pregnancy was great. Almost zero morning sickness, no throwing up, very little fatigue. I felt great! I didn't understand when people were so surprised about us being pregnant again so quickly. What's the big deal? I thought. Well lately that has changed. Not drastically, but it still has changed. I've noticed that after we found out that we're having a baby girl (2 weeks ago) I started having food aversions. I just don't want to eat anything, even when I'm hungry. Another change I've noticed is that picking up my son (who is almost 20lbs) is getting more and more difficult. Due to my belly growing it's also hard to hold him while sitting or rocking. It makes me nervous thinking about taking care of an infant while having a big belly, but then days like today come along, and I just feel so grateful about my family and so reassured and calm about the future.

   My husband came home from work early (he also leaves to work really early). Today after he came home from work he took over taking care of our son. From getting him up after nap, to potty time, to feeding, even showering him, giving him the night bottle and putting him to sleep. This might not sound like a lot to most men, unless they have done this with a 9 month old. To me, it's a huge help. On top of that, he even prepared dinner. All I had to do was cut up some veggies for the side.
He did all this, without me even asking. That's what makes me the most happy.
It shows me that I'm not the only parent to our son. That taking care of a baby isn't "the wife's duty".

   Days like these, I'm really amazed at how blessed I am by this man. He truly understands what it takes to be a parent. It's not only the lessons and discipline that come later (which are very important) but it's also the changing of diapers, the bathing, the feeding, the entertaining, and all the other little daily mundane tasks of having an infant.
   At this young age, our son isn't bonding with us in the same way as we are with him. By having to serve him without getting anything in return we are taught true love, the kind that Christ has for us, I'll be the first to admit that It's very humbling to change a dirty diaper or clean up the 10th spit up on the floor and off your son's hands because he feels the need to play with it. But I know that through these tasks, I'm benefiting a lot.

   David, thank you for serving our son along side of me (= I love you.

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