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Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's a ...

  On my 16 week doctor's appointment I was asked if I wanted to wait until my 20 week doctors appointment to do the ultrasound, or to schedule a separate one at 18 weeks. Guess what I chose...(=

   We were so excited to find out who baby #2 was, that we couldn't wait 2 extra weeks. Our 2 good friends helped us find out in a very fun way. So grateful for their help and creativity and time!! 
  At the beginning of this pregnancy I really wanted another baby boy. I kept thinking about how fun it would be for them to play together and experience the same things in life. But coming up closer to the middle of my pregnancy I realized i was leaning towards wanting a baby girl. Having a son was fun! I wanted a son when we were pregnant with Gabriel, but now, I wanted to experience having a daughter. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that we were having a daughter. 

  I wrote in an earlier blog that we would wait to reveal the gender until thanksgiving. Well all that changed. We realized there was no way we could wait that long and not give it away. 

So here's some memories from that day...

Gabriel is unsure about doing this

The box didn't open at first haha

It's a girl!!! haha Gabriel's Face expression is priceless!!

Look at how excited we are =D

Looking at the ultrasound photos of our daughter.

"I'm going to have a baby sister!!!"

We are so extremely excited to have a daughter on the way. Although I can't imagine how it will be, I know it will be amazing. I thank God that I now have both a son and a daughter (= . Thats truly a great blessing. 

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