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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday : Yellowstone National Park 2007

I've always loved taking photos and keeping them as memories. So for this Throwback Thursday I decided to go on my hard drive (where all of the photos are saved and filed away in a very organized way hehe) and see what are the earliest dated photos I have saved. The earliest ones I found were of a trip we took to Yellowstone. When I lived with my parents, I attended the Russian Slavic Baptist church in Utah along with the rest of my family. When I was in a teen Sunday School, our leader took all of us on a trip to Yellowstone. It was one of the most memorable times of my teenage years. 

Here's some fun photos (=

All of the Girls posing (= can you find me? (hint: I have a black hat on)

 I think this was all of the teens that went. (not counting the leaders, helpers, and their kids)

When we finally arrived, we were all tired from the ride.

Beautiful views.

Our simple yet delicious breakfast (=

Mornings by the fire were the best. It wasn't hard waking up early and just sitting and relaxing before starting the day's adventures.

One of the hikes we did.

Little me sitting by the fire (=

Since this was a sunday school trip, we spent time each morning reading the Bible, discussing it and praying together.

Also we sang songs (=

Having some fun in a random river.

Sadly I couldn't find much photos of the nature )= but it was beautiful. 

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