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Monday, December 1, 2014

Gabriel's 10 month update

Wow! 2 more months and our baby boy will be a year old! It's a little unbelievable. 
Here's some updates on Gabriel...

weight:   20 lbs
height:   N/A
wears clothing size: 9-12m or 12m. very few 9m
Teeth: 6!! 
Hair: light brown/blonde
Standing: yes, if he holds on to something/someone
Walking: not yet, unless you hold his hands
Talking: He babbles but nothing thats understandable haha
Solids: Yes
Sleeping: this past month has been tough, night sleeping isnt going too great, and naps are pretty bad also. 

Some more info:   This past month he has been sick almost the whole time. It seems like when we are just about to get over whatever he had, it comes back worse. He's been having a stuffy nose, and a pretty nasty cough. Also he has a temp of 101.3F in Utah during the thanksgiving trip. Due to the stuffy nose, he tends to wake himself up at night and starts crying. We're still working on getting better. 
In other news, He learned how to pull himself up in his crib, and does it more confidently now. But he still is too scared to take any steps on his own, or even stand on his own. When ever I try to encourage him to stand without holding on to me, he sits down right away. On the last day of his 10th month he got his 6th tooth!! he now has a total of 6 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 4 on top. 

 He pulled himself up, showing off that he can stand up while holding on to something (=

Reading a book

Then he notices me taking pictures...

 And smiles for the camera (=

Dad walked in (=

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