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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving in Utah : November 2014

   This year, we were supposed to spend Christmas in Utah with my family, since last year we spent Christmas here in Fresno. I was REALLY looking forward to a white Christmas, and for Gabriel's first Christmas to be white. Both my brother's from Alaska and Washington were supposed to join us, but the tickets from Alaska were too pricey in December, so we decided to all get together in Utah for Thanksgiving instead. It was a little disappointing, but I would take a week with all of my family over a white Christmas any day (=
   We drove out from Fresno on Friday, November 21st, stopped in Mesquite, NV for the night, and drove the rest of the way to Utah the following day. The drive there was pretty easy, since the first half was in the evening. Gabriel slept for the most part. Stopping for a break and a few hours of sleep was really refreshing also.

Here's some photos from the trip..

This was the trunk of our car, only half packed. We also added the stroller, and some bags. It was stuffed!!

Stopping for a little milk break for our little guy

Friday evening, I drove, while David finished up some homework for his apprenticeship.
Saturday we just relaxed and took it easy. Rested from the drive.

Sunday we went to our parents' church.
It snowed Saturday evening, so we had to take a picture with the snow before it melted.

Got to see some old friends (=

We took a family photo. The whole gang. 

Gabriel was really whiny and didn't want to go to anyone.

Gabriel was sick most of the week. This was one of the days I had to hold him upright while he napped so his nose wouldn't get all stuffed up 

Sunday night we spent at home, drinking tea and catching up with some old friends of ours. 

Monday, we went to the Museum of Natural curiosity.
This was a "couple selfie" we took after my brother and his wife took one and sent it to us through viber. 

There was 4 sections, and each was different. Here was a small room in one of the sections where you could make a "movie" (It's all for little kids). So Nick and I played dress up. Gabriel didn't like the hat too much.

Dancing room where you could learn 3 different types of dances. That's me, being a pregnant ballerina ha ha

Left our mark in the drawing room.

Took a quick photo outside in the freezing wind. 

Stopped by Sheels. Gabriel was worn out. He didn't even wake up when David took him out of the car seat to go in the store. 

Spending some time with daddy while mommy went on the ride with Sammy. 

Nick and Gabriel, cousins (= Nick was so cute with Gabriel.

When i lives in Utah, Hobby Lobby was my #1 store. We don't have it here in Fresno, so After Sheels, I decided to take David there to show him what its all about. He wasn't impressed ha ha. 

My parents have sauna in the house, you bet we took advantage of it (= first night using the sauna. When I went with David we kept the temp at no higher then 100 and any time I felt too hot I would go out and cool off. David actually likes it when the sauna is super hot. So when I was done, my dad and brothers joined him. That's when he got to really enjoy the sauna (= 

On Tuesday David and I (and Gabriel) went to a cute little place called Gardner Village (= 

Took some shots of Gabriel on a cute sled (=

He wouldn't look at the camera!! idk why...

And this is my Husband's photography of the geese/ducks =P

My older brother and his family were flying back to Alaska on Thanksgiving day, so we celebrated Thanksgiving along with my sister's birthday on Wednesday instead (= 

This is our Thanksgiving/Julie's Birthday lunch/dinner table (= 
We read on pinterest last year that cooking a turkey upside down makes it more moist, so my parents tried it out this year. The white meat did turn out juicier then normal, but it was hard to flip the heavy, hot turkey back around. I think that's why the turkey is all torn up on the platter =P

And the dessert with tea...(= yum!!
pst..I made those trubochki (;

We spent the rest of the mid day playing board games (mostly Blokus) and I made a thanksgiving craft with Gabriel (=
He didn't enjoy the paint on his hand and foot too much though 

This is Julie opening her gift (= it was a laptop, that's why she looks so excited

And this is us on the other side (=

Then we decided to take some pictures of my parents and their grand kids

Gabriel was always crying and trying to get back to me and David. Abigail was comforting him haha

David finally got him to smile 

Then we all headed out to City Creek

Behind the scenes =P

Baby Gap was having 50% off on top on clearance, so I looked through some baby girl clothes =D found some super cute things. 

This is how excited I was

Our drive home was very loong. around 14 hours (if I remember correctly) with a lot of stops. We decided to just drive the whole day instead of stopping over night. 

The car was just as packed on the way home as it was going to Utah (=

Stopped for some food and a break from the car seat.

Gabriel got bored and decided to open my present (= 

Another pit stop and a little break for the guy.
we filled up the car and parked by the front of the building. Gabriel kept looking at everyone coming out and going in (= made a lot of people smile at him 

Stopped at 5 Guys for dinner. This was David's first time at five guys. 

We got back to Fresno around midnight, very tired. Luckily the next day was Saturday and we could sleep in (as much as you can sleep in with a 10 month old haha ) and took it easy the whole day. 

Over all the trip was wonderful. I enjoyed spending the week with all of my family under one roof, catching up. Hopefully we can have more of these family reunions, just closer to Fresno next time (; 

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