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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our Christmas Home Decor : 2014

I just love love LOVE the Christmas season, and as my husband can probably testify, I love decorating the home also (=
I wanted to document the decor we had this year and share it with the rest of you, maybe someone can get inspired (=

Enjoy (=

Our living room coffee table center piece

The piano

Our kitchen centerpiece
It's small, but I didn't want to buy anything new for Christmas until after this Christmas and all the sales for the Christmas decor. 

Yes we only have 3 chairs...(= that's how we bought the table. 

Our family room. The main room (= (there are more cards on it now, and probably more will be on there by the 25th. 

Our live tree, a little empty, but its special (= we have a lot of random ornaments, that we got throughout the last 2 Christmases. 

Our fire place. It's not finished, but we managed with what we had =D

This sleigh ornament we got on David's first Christmas work party back in 2012

The nutcracker we got at David's work party in 2013

Our Christmas stockings. Only Gabriel's and David's has gifts in it at the moment

This is where we will put up all our Christmas cards as we get them. So far we only have the 2 that I've ordered and one from a family friend in Washington.

Some special tree ornaments
From 2013

From 2012

From last year's tree. Our first Christmas tree.

I haven't put a photo of Gabriel in here yet, waiting to print a really good one.

Need to insert a photo in here from this years Christmas (=

I decided to put some random ornaments on the shelves I have up on the wall for photos

And that's it (= 

I don't have a wreath up on the door this year, and might not even get one until after Christmas for next year's Christmas. 

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