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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gabriel's 1st Birthday Decor : 01.30.15

   All the way back in September of 2014 (when Gabriel's cousin turned 1) I began looking through first birthday ideas and pins on pinterest and saving the themes/ideas I liked. After a few days I decided to go with a vintage "airplane" theme.  I didn't want to go all out, because that would be too stressful for me to do with a baby and another on the way, but in the end, I'm pretty happy about how the decor came together. The biggest thing I was looking for was the colors matching, which turned out really good for me. I wasn't able to find somethings that I wanted (like actual mobile airplanes to hang up from the ceiling) but it wasn't a big deal to me. 

   2 days before his actual birthday, we decided to bake a boxed store bought cake to let him get all into it and get a few good shots for the "info" photos that were to serve as part of the party favors. 

   With all the planning for his birthday, I didn't want to spend time and energy into making an actual cake for him to dig into during this photo shoot. Most of it would end up on the floor and later on in the trash anyway, so with that in mind, I got a box cake and frosting. 

   I apologize for the bad lighting in the photos, My regular lens stopped autofocusing after I dropped it once and now I'm learning to manually focus with it, it using the portrait lens. I realize I could have fixed the coloring in the photos before uploading them, but with everything going on at our house lately, I just don't have time for that. 

I always thought our son was petite, but after looking at this photo, I realize he has some chunkiness to him (=

He felt generous with the cake. 

Even offered me some. 

This is my favorite photo from that evening. I just LOVE how his lips are puckered, and his face full of cake. 

This was totally unplanned, for some reason he wanted to put his foot in the cake as well. 

Now on to the birthday decor. 

This little cake was actually baked from scratch, and even had carrots in it, so it was somewhat healthy (;

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  1. I love the theme and decor for Gabriels birthday!! "baggage drop off" and "baggage claim" was so clever! I love reading all your posts :)