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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Valentine's Day : 02.14.15

   Well what can I say, With a 1 year old, and me being almost 33 weeks pregnant with baby #2, we didn't have any romantic valentine's day plans. In fact I feel pretty bad, because the only "clever" gift I thought of for David didn't turn out )= but you know what? I enjoyed this valentine's day. It was very low key, but I felt like it was quality time with my little family. 

David got me some flowers from him and Gabriel (=

And then I got some sweet Valentine kisses from both of my boys  

After, we headed out to iHop for brunch. It was so nice not to have to prepare breakfast (or clean up afterwards haha) although I have to admit, I wasn't completely satisfied with the food I ordered... The crepe sure was delicious thought (= 
David and I split it

There was a lady with a young daughter also at Ihop that we talked to a little outside while waiting for our table. She ended up being seated at the table right next to us, so Gabriel got a chance to "talk" to the little girl. 

When we got home, it was around noon, and WAY past Gabriel's first nap time. So as soon as he went down for a nap, I went down also, and ended up taking a nap that was almost 2 hours long. SO refreshing!! 

This teddy bear was part of a Valentine's gift that David got me 3 years ago (our first valentines together as a couple) 
David was in Fresno, while I was still in Utah at the time. He surprised me by ordering the huge teddy along with a card and having one of my brother's buckle it into my car during the pervious night. 
I don't have a photo of him all buckled up on the very first valentines that I got him, but I did manage to take a picture giving him a kiss a few days later


And David again buckled him into the passenger seat of my car the following year (we were already married then)


I don't have a photo with him last year )= but I did take one this year


Sop after my long amazing nap, we decided to go to the park. The weather was amazing! close to 77F degrees I believe. 

At the park we played in the sand...

And we swung on the swings...

Gabriel pulling daddy in for a kiss

Then we took a "family portrait" on the kiddie slide. Gabriel was VERY excited haha 

So after the park we ordered a pizza for dinner (again it was nice not to have to cook) and just watched a movie together with David while Gabriel napped. 

There was no fancy dinner date, no dressing up, no expensive gifts. But it was a very relaxed day for me. I got to spend the day with my amazing husband and our beautiful son. 
I cherish these lazy days together (=

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