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Friday, July 31, 2015

Big News...

    Our family has some pretty big news to share with you guys....we're moving! 

May 2013
July 2015

      Some of you might already know this, and  know where we are moving to. For those of you who don't know, we are moving from Fresno, to Utah. My husband lived the majority of his life here in Fresno (since he was 3 years old). I spent the majority of my life in Utah (since I was 6). We both were born and lived in Russia up until we moved to America. 
     This might seem like a sudden decision to some people, but that's probably because we didn't announce our decision until we were 100% set to move. We were both thinking of moving out of Fresno for a while, but we weren't sure where to. After looking into different options, Utah seemed to be the best pick. David's job transfer to Salt Lake will go smoothly, we have family living there, we have a few friends there, and the weather is a bit nicer there (in our humble opinion anyway (;  ). 
      It's pretty scary to up and move like this (even though I did the same thing when I married David). We have a really nice church we witnessed a start off and attend, also a great church family that we have become so comfortable with. We have friends who we will miss SO much, David's parents and siblings and their spouses and kids who we love spending time with and on top of all of that, we owned a house. Although all these things in life are really nice, they shouldn't be reasons to hold anyone back from doing whats best for our family. God has lead our path in life to move to Utah, and that's where we'll go. I don't know if we will stay there forever, but as of right now, both David and I don't see us moving anywhere else anytime soon. I would love to get a home and live there the rest of my life. I want my kids to grow up in one home their young years and to be able to make lasting friendships with people from a church we will attend, and with neighborhood kids. That's what I would want, but if God has a plan for us to move later on, than we will move (= 
     I'm excited to have snow during winter's again (although I know I will complain about how long the winter there is) and to start fresh. It'll be fun to go through the process of searching for the right home, moving in, furnishing and decorating it. 

Here's to new beginnings (= 

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