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Monday, July 13, 2015

Home Remodel

     Wow. I almost can't believe that we're completely done with the remodel of our home. It took us 2 years, but it's finally finished. I'm SO proud of my husband. He did the majority of the remodel by himself. I am still in awe of how much he knows in different areas of repairing the home. I definitely got blessed with one amazing man (= 
    This was our first home as a couple. Our first home in general. So much has happened in this house. So many memories. The majority of our married life, we spent in this place. We found out we were pregnant with both our kids here, and we also brought both our kids to this house when they were born. This is where we had our first Christmas tree together, where we spent our first Christmas as parents. Where we celebrated David as a father and me as a mother for the first time ever. ( a lot of memories related to our kids, life of a parent haha). I still can't believe we were able to remodel it almost completely AND had 2 kids during that time. That's crazy! It was definitely an experience. 
    Looking back at old photos of the home, I see a big difference between the past and now, but as we were slowly redoing things, it didn't seem like that big of a difference at the moment. Boy am I glad I captured this transformation (=

Let's start with some before & after shots 
These were the biggest changes in the house.










Den/Family room



Now for some details

My hardworking husband did most of the work by himself

And inside details

    We didn't like that when you entered into the house, you could look down the hall and into the master bedroom if that door was open, so we decided to add a wall when you come in. This required taking out the hallway closet. 

This hallway was what you would see when you walk in. That door at the end leads to the master bedroom. 

Removing the tile and prepping to put down laminate flooring.

Removing the "popcorn" ceiling texture.

The "after" 

Painting the Hallway bathroom. 

The nursery, I have a separate post dedicated just for the nursery decor (= 

The kitchen only got re-textured and repainted. 

The den/family room "before"

Cutting out windows for more light into the den/family room.

Sporting my husbands hat while I painted. 


  1. You guys did an awesome job with the home remodel! It looks much better after :)

    1. Thanks (= I was just about to send you the link to this haha