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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our 4th of July : 2015

    Our original plan was to go up to Shaver Lake for the day (4th) and stay for the fireworks show at night. This year we found out the show was on Sunday. We have church Sunday morning and figured all spots will be taken if we head out there after church, so we decided to go watch the fireworks at Clovis High on Saturday and on Sunday go to Millerton Lake with a few friends.

    Our little Miss Liberty baby  

     We ended up grilling burgers with a few friends and their kids at our house on Saturday, because whats a 4th of July without BBQ, right? We got a nice dinner and the kids got to cool off and splash around. 

And eat ice cream haha this was the first time I let Gabriel have his own cone and go all out. Half way through he was too full and done with it. 

Relaxing with my babeh girl, this is the only kind of ice cream we got 

After burgers we went to Clovis High for some fireworks!  

The kiddos relaxing while we wait for it to get dark.

Cousins, Noelani and Levi, and David in the back haha

Family photo during a fireworks show. Gabriel got really scared of the loud sounds from the fireworks so this is how he watched, until he fell asleep. 

Noelani, on the other hand, enjoyed the fireworks. she was awake during the whole show.

Sunday : Millerton Lake
Gabriel loved the water and playing in the sand. We attempted to put him down for a nap at one point, but didn't succeed. 

All smiles (=

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