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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Noelani's 4 month update : 07.29.15

Weight13.4 lbs 
Clothing size3m, 3-6m, 1 or 2 outfits are 6 months, but they are a bit loose 
Diaper size: 2
Teeth: still none, but I still think she might be teething
Hair : black
Sitting: trying to
Talkingin her own way (;

     A little late, but better late then never (= I thought we would be back in Utah by the 29th and I would be able to take the photo and do the update, but our vacation in San Diego got prolonged and we only got to Utah the 31st. After the hassle of unpacking and figuring what we need at the moment and what we don't need unpacked, I got a chance to sit down and jot some things down.
     So whats new with our baby girl? She tries so hard to sit up when you hold her. She loves seeing things around her and doesn't really like just laying somewhere. She is such a calm and happy baby! of course, except if she is hungry (; So easy (so far, anyway). She sleeps through the night pretty good (with nursing sessions where she is half asleep), but her naps are a different story. I guess I should know by now that if a baby learns something new (like taking a long nap) I shouldn't count on that baby keeping that new habit for very long. We nurse on demand, so sometimes when she will wake up early from a nap, I'll be able to nurse her and put her back down. Sometimes just giving her the pacifier works, and other times nothing works and I just pick her up and start the eat/play/sleep cycle over again. She LOVES bath time. Any time I bathe her, she lays very quietly and I can tell she is just relaxing (= She has also started grabbing her feet (like in the photo) and it seems to be her favorite thing to do. 
     She is now officially sharing a room with her brother. Since we moved in with my parents, there is no space in our room for her crib. Although she does end up sleeping in our bed on the nights where she is up often. We've had a few tough nights since moving, but I think its due to the change the kids are going through. I'm really glad that Gabriel is able to sleep through Noelani waking up for a nursing session, and Noelani is able to sleep through Gabriel's crying. (most of the time anyway, he IS louder than her after all). I'm not sure exactly why, but she still has boogers in her eyes, which her pediatrician said most likely won't go away until she is closer to 1. Some days there is more build up in the mornings then other days. It also seems like the wind irritates her eyes as well. Whenever we are outside and its windy, her eyes start getting watery and red. I don't think it bother's her, except when I try to wash them. She seems to hate that.
     We are still exclusively breastfeeding. We've had some bumps lately, but I'm hoping the steps I'm taking to eliminate those bumps will help us nurse for a lot longer. I stopped nursing Gabriel when he was around 8 months old, due to me getting pregnant. I really wanted to keep nursing him through the pregnancy and wean him off closer to when I was due, but he just seemed to wean himself off. I'm hoping I'll be able to nurse Noelani for a lot longer than 8 months.
     Maybe it's due to having 2 kids and already feeling comfortable being a parent, or maybe its due to something else, but I've recently really fell in love with motherhood. There are very tough days, days where the Lord is really working out my patience. But I still wouldn't change anything (=

4th of July 

This is how she watched the fire works show

Sunday church naps are the best!

Newborn and 3 months

Noelani adores her brother so much. She always lights up when she sees him. 

The cradle was getting too small for her. 

Brotherly love (=

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