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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our San Diego trip : July 2015

     It's almost the middle of August and here I am finally putting up some photos from our San Diego trip back in July. To part with California the right way, we decided to spend some time in San Diego before moving to Utah. California seemed to not want us to leave, because our trip ended up being prolonged (=
     Moving is hectic.
     Moving states is hectic.
     Moving states with 2 under 2 is just insane.
     Well, call us crazy, because that's what we did. And we survived! haha It does help that one of the kiddos is still small and doesn't complain much, except by the end of the road trip, she seemed to hate her car seat.
     We had a pretty crazy week leading up to the day we would leave Fresno. Packing everything up and worrying whether or not it would fit into our little moving trailer. I was dreading having to drive one of the cars all the way to Utah. But God is sovereign and everything turned out good, not per our plan, but definitely according to God's perfect plan.
     Anyways, this is about our trip to SD, not the move. Even though it was basically in the middle of our move (=
     On Friday afternoon we took off on two cars and a trailer.

First day of our adventures (= got ready to go to Sea World

Not even a mile away from our hotel, our car broke down. This car got flooded in Fresno once (flood? in Fresno?! i know) and ever since then, it was giving us trouble. This was also the car that I drove with both kids from Fresno to LA. I thank God that it didn't break down while I was behind the wheel. 

After a few hours, meeting a few people, we finally got the problem figured out. Got the car towed and got a mini van for the rest of the trip. 

This was a pretty pricey accident, but we didn't let that ruin the rest of the vacation. 

Next day we visited Moonshine State Beach in Encinitas California
This was a beach my husband had gone to a few times. This beach is beautiful! but its not really for little kids. The waves are pretty big and even I felt powerless against them a few times. David and I took turns going in and boogie boarding while the other sat and watches the kiddos. Maybe we'll come back here when the kids are older (=

The next day we visited the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We had imagined it to be totally different than it really was. 

San Diego Zoo

She'll have a lot of memories from this trip...

First family selfie. 

La Jolla beach 

Evening strolls by the beach houses. I would love to rent one of these one day. It's right on the beach and most of them open up so that the living room/kitchen are completely open on the side facing the beach. 

And Moonlight State beach again (= We really loved it there

Perfect timing

You never realize how mush stuff babies need, until you have a couple yourself. 

The sunset was so beautiful, we attempted to take a photo in front of it, but the sunset got washed out. 

So here is a photo of just the sunset

One of my proud moments as a mom. David left for a little bit, and I was able to get both of the kids down for a nap at the same time. It was really difficult, but felt so good to have them both napping soundly next to me.

Our plan was to leave Tuesday to head back to Utah, but the car that broke down wasn't fixed by then, so we decided to stay a couple extra days until it was fixed. By Thursday it was still not fixed so we settled on driving just the one big car and trailer to Utah and coming back for the other car. I was pretty happy about this, because it meant we were all on one car and I didn't have to drive (= although I was happy to drive part of the way, Because we were towing the trailer and I've never towed anything before, we didn't want this long trip to be my first time. 

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